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Keramické rovnátka: Možnosti pro ty, kteří nosí brýle
David Černý

David Černý

Keramické rovnátka a jejich kompatibilita s brýlemi

The world of orthodontics is rife with possibilities. For those of us who don spectacles, the thought of adding yet another accessory to our aesthetic can be daunting. Nevertheless, the advancement in orthodontic technology offers a multitude of options suiting even the pickiest of us spectacle wearers. Being a glasses wearer myself, the thought of having metallic glares competing with my glasses did not sound appealing initially but discovering ceramic braces, or keramické rovnátka, as we know it here, was like finding a perfect match.

Ceramic braces, unlike their metallic counterparts, offer a more natural and seamless look. They blend in with the natural tooth color or even come in clear form reducing the visibility, which is a major plus point when you’re already concerned about your glasses. Aesthetic benefit aside, ceramic braces also function as effectively as metal braces, so you don’t have to worry about compromising your treatment for the sake of looks.

Proč keramické rovnátka?

Orthodontics has evolved significantly over the decades with ceramic braces being one of the more recent innovations. They function similarly to traditional metal braces, whereby brackets are fixed to each tooth and connected via a wire which be periodically tightened to help move teeth into the desired position.

The significant difference, of course, lies in the material. Ceramic braces are made of a composite material that can be made to match the color of your natural teeth. This means, unlike with metal braces, they are less noticeable – a significant plus point for those of us who already wear glasses.

The decision to opt for ceramic braces also draws from their strength and durability. Despite the initial assumption that ceramics might be fragile, they are surprisingly sturdy. They do not discolor or stain easily, and they require the same care as any braces would.

Volba správného rovnátka: match s vašimi brýlemi

Now that I have enlightened you on why ceramic braces are a spectacle wearer’s buddy, it’s time to add a dash of personal flavor to it. Yes, you can match your braces with your spectacle frames! Do you fancy a color-coordinated look? Go for ceramics that match your frame color or go all daring with a contrasting hue. With ceramics, you have the freedom to choose!

Personally, I believe that glasses give us a unique edge, a certain character if you will. Whether you are a fun, vibrant color lover or a sophisticated, black frame kind of person, your glasses serve as an extension of your personality. Adding braces to the mix should not take away this personal touch, but rather, it should enhance it, and ceramic braces do just that.

Nosím kontaktní čočky, co dál?

On the rare occasion that you might want to swap your glasses for contact lenses perhaps for a special event, rest assured that your ceramic braces will retain their subtle, low-profile charm. The great thing about these braces is their flexibility – change from glasses to contacts with ease and confidence. It is this versatility that really sets ceramic braces apart in my opinion.

Příběh z mého života

I reminisce on the days when, as a new glasses wearer, I was told that I needed corrective braces. You can only imagine the dread that washed over me, contending not just with one but two stereotypically “geeky” accessories. I’m a confident guy usually, but this development did give me a moment of pause. That was until I was introduced to ceramic braces.

They were subtle, they were effective, and they allowed me my freedom of expression. And of course, I always had the added bonus of flashing a brighter, healthier smile at the end of it all. It’s no exaggeration to say that my spectacle wearing experience has largely benefited from my decision to opt for ceramic braces. Not only was I able to maintain my identity, but I was also able to improve my oral health – something for which I am truly grateful.

Tipy a triky

One of the key pieces of advice I can share from my experience is to ensure you keep up with your appointments for check-ups. Although ceramic braces are durable and blend with the color of your teeth, they do require regular care and upkeep to ensure they work effectively.

Also, do not shy away from accentuating your braces with your glasses. There is nothing wrong with sporting braces and glasses together. Plus, ceramic braces offer such flexibility in terms of color and design that they can seamlessly blend with any look you want. Embrace it, own it, and remember, glasses and ceramic braces do make a splendid pair!


Choosing the right type of braces can be a daunting task, especially when you already wear glasses. However, with the advent of modern orthodontic treatments such as ceramic braces, this task has become easier. Ceramic braces offer a versatile solution for those of us with glasses. And equipped with my personal experiences and professional insights, I hope you are now ready to make an informed choice. Brace yourself, the braces and glasses duo is about to take the world by storm!

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